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Sorlandet Hospital

Work with us

Join our team for meaningful and challenging work that will promote your professional growth and allow you to collaborate with diverse and talented professionals in a dynamic and supportive environment. Our values of respect, competence, accessibility, and commitment guide everything we do.

Sorlandet Hospital is Agder’s largest workplace, with over 7,000 employees. We operate in multiple locations and offer a wide range of career opportunities. We provide patient services in somatics, mental health, substance abuse, and addiction treatment. 

To apply for a position, you must first register your CV. You do this in Webcruiter.

Register your CV in our job application portal: Webcruiter

Sorlandet Hospital needs employees with different skills, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to contribute to even better task solutions. It is our goal that our employees reflect the diversity of the population as much as possible. We therefore encourage qualified candidates to apply, regardless of gender, background, gaps in the CV, or functional ability.


Sorlandet Hospital employs healthcare professionals from abroad, including for shorter temporary positions. Several formalities must be in order to work at our hospital in Norway.

  • Authorization from your home country is necessary.
  • Norwegian Authorization is required when working in Norway for the first time. Information and application form from the Norwegian Health Directorate.
  • Employment Verification: Certificates and diplomas confirming past and present employment are needed to calculate seniority and determine salary.
  • Norwegian D-number: This personal number is assigned to everyone working in Norway.
  • Tax deduction card: A new tax card must be applied each year. Forms can be found on the Tax Administration’s website. Apply for tax deduction card
  • Bank Account. Salaries can be paid in a Norwegian bank account or your home country. For the latter, please provide your SWIFT code and IBAN.
  • Form E 101/A1. Bringing this form from your home country allows for a refund of social security contributions paid to the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

Infection Control Measures

Personnel must be tested for tuberculosis and MRSA before commencing work if they belong to a risk group.


To work in Norway, you need a residence permit from The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

You must go to the local tax office for a standard personal ID number. You will then receive a tax deduction card.

Bank account
Bring your passport and personal ID number to a local bank office to open a bank account.

For the importation of cars and other personal things, see The Norwegian Customs and Excise website.

The Norwegian Customs and Excise


Here is what you need to know in advance of your move to Southern Norway to work with us.


You must have sufficient Norwegian skills. Also, basic English is preferred. 

Learn Norwegian

Authorization for healthcare personnel

Healthcare personnel who want to practice their profession in Norway must be registered and hold a license or authorization.

Please see the website for information on how to apply.

We would like to know about you and your skills.

Register your CV and activate the job agent in our database. You will receive notifications by email when we announce new positions that meet your wishes.

Unfortunately, we do not process open applications. 

Register your CV in our job application portal: Webcruiter.


Your employer registers you with the National Insurance Service. If you are entitled to child benefits (if you have children under 18), you must apply at your local NAV office. 

Please see the website for NAV.

You must have a police certificate when required, for example, for work involving children and mentally disabled persons. You must submit documentation that you have received the necessary vaccinations.

If you do not find what you need here, please visit this website:

New in Norway.​


As a teaching hospital, we welcome hundreds of students annually from various disciplines. Our dedication to promoting skill development and broadening knowledge is evident in our extensive training programs.

Medical students can spend their final two years at Sorlandet Hospital, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. The training program of medical students is a collaboration between the University of Oslo and Sorlandet Hospital.

In addition, our local university, the University of Agder, offers nursing programs to further their professional development.

The hospital provides special grants to support this, reinforcing our dedication to continuous learning and growth.

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Join our team: As a teaching hospital, we welcome hundreds of students annually from various disciplines. Photo: Sorlandet Hospital.


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